True crime meets forensic science

August 10, 2022

Amanda Discusses Episode 10 With WRAL News

The key piece of evidence in any murder is the body itself. What does it take to charge a suspect with murder when the body is never found? Amanda discusses episode 10 of What Remains with WRAL's Ken Smith. 


July 19, 2022

Amanda Lamb Talks About What Remains with Kyle, Bryan and Sarah of MIX Mornings

Listen to the interview here.


July 13, 2022

Amanda Lamb Discusses Episode 5 with WRAL News

Movies and television shows often portray homicide detectives as real-life cowboys, modern-day superheroes torn from the pages of Marvel comics. But in truth, they are just regular people trying to do the best they can to find justice for murder victims. Amanda discusses episode five with WRAL's Mikaya Thurmond.


June 29, 2022

What Remains and Amanda Lamb featured on WRAL Out & About podcast

Thanks to Kathy Hanrahan for interviewing Amanda Lamb on the WRAL Out & About podcast. Listen as Amanda talks with Kathy about the most moving stories in What Remains.