True crime meets forensic science in the What Remains podcast


E14 “Little Miss Nobody” The Abduction and Murder of Sharon Lee Gallegos

A 62-year-old cold case is solved when a little girl’s remains are finally identified

E13 A Lost Father and a Father’s Loss

Victims’ families change how missing people are tracked in Texas

E12 Paying the Price for DNA Testing

Funding DNA testing is a game changer for Charlotte, NC’s unidentified remains

E11 Resolution | One of North Carolina's Oldest Cold Cases

How DNA profiling solved a 37 year old cold case

E10 A Murder Trial Without A Body

How is a murder prosecuted without human remains as evidence?

E9 Missing in NC | What Happened to Cole Thomas?

In 2016, Cole Thomas became a North Carolina missing person. His father is still searching for answers.

E8 The Art of Facial Reconstruction

From nothing but bones, forensic artists give a face to the unidentified

E7 Part 2 DNA Profiling | Forensic Genealogy Dream Team Solves First Case

Skeletal remains found 16 years ago identified by Cold Case Coalition

E6 Part 1 DNA Profiling | The New Tool in Solving Cold Cases

Online ancestry paves the way for forensic genealogy

E5 Cold Case Solved | The Boy Under the Billboard

Forensic genealogy helps solve a cold case just in the nick of time

E4 Cold Case Solved | The 30-Year Mystery of Tent Girl

One man's obsession changes the way cold cases are solved

E3 The Body Farm

Inside the science of human decomposition

E2 What is Forensic Anthropology?

How forensic anthropology helped convict Grant Hayes of Laura Ackerman's murder

E1 Forensic Science Solves The Mystery of Baby Michael

The new approach to solving the most difficult cold cases

Introducing What Remains | TRAILER

Using forensic science to connect unidentified human remains to the missing and murdered