True crime meets forensic science
What Remains Podcast

With no identification, human skeletal remains often end up at medical examiners’ offices where they sit in storage closets for years, gathering dust as evidence slowly disappears. These are some of the most difficult cold cases to crack.

What Remains explores the science that helps solve the oldest cold cases.

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Using forensic science to connect unidentified human remains to the missing and murdered

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The new approach to solving the most difficult cold cases

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How forensic anthropology helped convict Grant Hayes of Laura Ackerman's murder

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June 29, 2022

E3 The Body Farm

Inside the science of human decomposition

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One man's obsession changes the way cold cases are solved

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Forensic genealogy helps solve a cold case just in the nick of time

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Online ancestry paves the way for forensic genealogy

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Skeletal remains found 16 years ago identified by Cold Case Coalition

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From nothing but bones, forensic artists give a face to the unidentified

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In 2016, Cole Thomas became a North Carolina missing person. His father is still searching for answers.

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